2024 Arlington SkyFest Ticket Information, Terms and Conditions

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  • All sales are final with no refunds.
  • Weather and aircraft technical conditions may dictate changes to advertised performances and activities
  • Health department guidelines at the time of the event may require us to reduce the number of allowed people per vehicle (or aircraft) and/or adjust other advertised event details
  • Social distancing & respecting spaces: Please be considerate of fellow guests and their social distancing concerns. Please respect other guest’s spaces and their views of the performance area so everyone can enjoy the show.
  • Enjoy common areas with food vendors and displays.  Please respect other guest’s spaces.
  • No shade or heat is available other than your vehicle. Bring sun/heat/cold protection and plenty of drinking water for the time before the show. Evenings can get chilly and require jackets.
  • The event is hosted on a large airport field: There are transportation options inside the event, however these options often reach capacity and are not guaranteed. To fully enjoy some features of the event will require walking distances.
  • Picnics are encouraged. Many food vendors will also be onsite.
  • Please pack-out your trash.
  • If there is a burn ban in effect, no fires will be allowed. Otherwise, no open campfires or barrel fires. Only contained, manufactured propane barbecues and grills (with legs) are permitted. You MUST have a working fire extinguisher accessible while in use. All camp stoves must be at least 2 feet off the ground, monitored while any flame is in use and a fire extinguisher or fire suppression device within reach.
  • Camping is permitted in designated campgrounds only with a designated camping ticket. No overnight camping is allowed in any parking lot (e.g. Green/Blue).
  • RC & Drones: Due to the close proximity of the grounds to the active taxiways and runway, no RC aircraft or drones can be flown outside of the caged drone arena
  • Pets must stay inside your parking space. Please clean-up after your pet. Only seeing-eye dogs, or animals used to assist disabled guests, are allowed elsewhere
  • Announcements: Having an FM radio to tune in to narration and event updates may be better depending on how far you are from the speakers and how your vehicle may block the sound
  • All firearms are to be unloaded, locked with safety on and kept inside the vehicle at all times
  • Unauthorized vehicles including ATVs, golf carts, motorized bikes, hoverboards, scooters or skateboards are NOT allowed on SkyFest Grounds. Disability or mobility devices are allowed,
  • The selling of unauthorized merchandise is not permitted.
  • Fire Lanes: Keep fire lanes open at all times.
  • For Green and Blue parking areas:
    • This is a general parking area – no reserved spaces. A vehicle must occupy each parking space and spaces will be filled first come, first parked as cars enter through the gate.
    • Suggestion: If you want to park next to someone specific, plan to meet somewhere and drive together through the gate.  However, adjoining spaces are not assured
    • Gate opening times:
      • 1 pm for Green, and Blue gates
      • Camping areas and aircraft tickets have different hours (see below)
    • Gate closing times (for general admission (Green/Blue):
      • Generally an hour before the evening drone show (approx. 9 pm) you should expect access to enter restricted
      • Gates completely close after the evening drone show and all parking areas are emptied

Weekend Campground Specific Information, Terms and Conditions for both road vehicles and aircraft
[view the general terms that also apply to you]

  • Check-in: GREEN gate (or aircraft parking if flying in)
    • Friday open: 12 noon, Close: 9 PM
    • Saturday open: 9 AM, Close: 9 PM
    • Sunday open: 9 AM, Close: 5 PM (possibly earlier, exiting always OK)
  • Late road vehicle arrivals will park overnight in front of the GREEN camping gate.
  • Check-out: Sunday August 18, 5pm or earlier
  • No reserved spaces – first in, first parked
  • Always take your ticket with you if you leave the campground and need to re-enter.
    • Always re-enter at GREEN gate (or aircraft parking)
  • Our campgrounds are “dry”. No electricity, water or wastewater hookups
  • Hot showers and hand wash stations are available in both camping areas. Keep in mind showers are private, but austere.
  • Quiet time will be from 10 PM to 6 AM, regardless of location- this includes ALL generators in ALL areas. No loud generators or music will be allowed during these hours.
    • While we ask that quiet hours be respected, generators or loud music during the day can create sufficient noise to affect the enjoyment of others. If SkyFest security receives a noise complaint regardless the source, we will respond. If the noise level is determined to be excessive, the party involved will be given several choices:
      • · Turn off the generator, if that is the source of the noise, or turn down the volume on other sources of loud noise, or
      • · We will be happy to move you to a more isolated, less convenient campsite where the noise is not a nuisance to other campers, or
      • · Persons that choose to ignore SkyFest rules may be asked to leave. The rules are to promote the safety and enjoyment of all guests.
  • Pilots are highly advised to not bring pets, as propellers and pets do not mix when so many aircraft are parking and moving together
  • Food will be available on site on Saturday. Snacks will be available Friday night in the movie area. Other times food might not be available on site. Please plan accordingly.
  • General courtesy cars are not available, however some shuttles to specific places might be offered by vendors at the time of the event.
  • All general terms and conditions for tickets (above) also apply to the campground

[view the general terms that also apply to you]

On behalf of the entire group participating in SkyFest Car Show, I assume all risk of bodily injury, property damage, and personal damage that may occur by participating for myself/ourselves, their heirs, executors, and administrators, do hereby forever waive and release any and all claims against and agree to hold harmless the Arlington Fly-In SkyFest its committee, sponsors and volunteers, and the City of Arlington with their respective officers, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, successors or assigns from any and all claims which may be made for any cause whatsoever arising as a result of participation. Further, I hereby consent to allow my picture or likeness to appear in any official document, news release, sponsor advertisement and/or television and radio coverage of the events within or as part of SkyFest, and grant permission to use and/or publish photographic portraits, or pictures, video tape or film of me in which I may be included in whole, part, composite or reproductions thereof in black and white and/or color or otherwise made through any media now known, for art, advertising trade or any other similar lawful purposes whatsoever, including the publicity and promotion of the event itself. I also understand that all general terms and conditions for tickets (above) also apply to the the car show