Arlington Fly-In Plans for August 2021

April 2021 update: Our team at the Arlington Fly-in is currently working to create a correct plan for an August 2021 event – with activities currently targeted for the weekend of August 20-22. 

• With so much unknown and constantly changing about what restrictions we might be facing, we want to ensure we’ve turned over every creative stone to envision a way we can all congregate again before any details are firmly set.

• We are receiving continual guidance from local health departments and are trying to adapt to those requirements.

• We will also need to evaluate the state of our facilities and grounds, as they are being used for a mass vaccination site during the winter and spring.

Looking for our Survey? We closed our 2021 survey on February 15. Curious about the results? We have a high-level summary you can read.

If you’d like to be notified as soon as we have any firm details, consider adding your info to our early bird notification list.

The Arlington Fly-In Board of Directors wishes to thank all of our sponsors, customers and especially our volunteers, as we adapt our organization to a rapidly changing environment. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy, and we are moving forward in 2021.