2021 Survey Report

The survey was available on our public website in early 2021 for anyone to give feedback. We specifically reached out to our volunteers to respond via our volunteer email list and social media sites. We specifically invited pilots to respond via social media and our partnership with FATPNW. We invited the public to respond via other community outreach efforts. We received about 300 responses.

High-level notable results:

  • The airshow, by considerable margins, is the most popular element of our event across the board – amongst the general public, volunteers and pilots alike.
  • Most people are comfortable with outside activities. Comfort drops somewhat when asked about indoor events or areas involving food.
  • There is support for an alternate-style event if the price is right.
  • Pilots do not necessarily want a more pilot-focused and technical event if it means the general public might have limited access.
  • Our Volunteers are ready to go, mostly in any capacity – support for doing what needs to be done was broad.
  • A most important concern for everyone was the percentage of people vaccinated.