2008-08-14_sportair2018 Workshops and Aircraft Home-building

Workshops open by 9 AM each day and run continuously until 2 PM, maybe open later than 2 PM if there is lots of interest.  Workshops are interactive experiences, where everyone at all levels and interests are welcome, not just aircraft builders but anyone with an interest in how things work and how they are built.

Instruction and information is repeated each day and is sponsored by EAA Chapter 84:

We’ll have “experts,” well, OK, us normal folks, able to answer questions about building an airplane, whether it be plans or kit built. We have people with knowledge about tube and fabric, aluminum, or composite materials. Many have knowledge on engine choices and avionics. We’ll have samples of builds in progress, and a chance to learn how to cleco and rivet some aluminum. Need information on first flights or flying off the 40 hours after FAA blessing? We have that information.

In just 20 minutes people will be able to make their own airplane and take it home!! All materials provided, and good for ages 12 and up. They can also sign up and become a member of EAA Chapter 84. Our August program will be by a company building a 12 seat electric commuter plane! We have great social events, project visits, and fine programs each month. Our March program was the world premiere showing of the new Vashon Aircraft Ranger strutless high wing plane with autopilot ready to fly without additional options for just $100K. We talk about drones, electric planes, new designs, and much more.

EAA is not just about homebuilding anymore. We have divisions on Warbirds, Ultralights, Aerobatics, IFR flying, and more.

We welcome all interested in any phase of aviation. We fly about 500 Young Eagles each year, giving free plane rides to youth 8 to 17. We also have an Eagle program for those 18 to 90 and are interested in becoming a pilot.