General Volunteer Schedule

In general the rule for 2017 is…

First Saturdays
BOD & Planning Meeting
10 AM – Arlington Airport Office

Third Saturdays
Work Parties
10 AM – AFI Hangar

Mid Week
Work Parties
Start in May – Contact Bruce

Be sure to check the complete list to verify dates.

Want to help?

You can always just show up!  For more information, please visit our Become a Volunteer page

2017 Volunteer Events & Planning Calendar

Arlington Fly-in volunteer events provide a great way to connect with like minded aviation enthusiasts, work parties allow us to have fun and make new connections while lending a hand in making sure a variety of tasks that help sustain the event get accomplished.   Join every month or when you have just a few hours to spare.   AWO is a great backdrop to the work party events, and as usual among aviation enthusiasts time is spent looking up at the sound of engine noise and stories of flying experiences are not rare.

If you can come lend a hand any Saturday, just show up at the Hangar (4700 188 th Street NE and ask for Bruce)

Mid-Week work available in both day and evening hours, contact Bruce (206-380- 1333) to schedule

Sat, January 21

Planning Meeting

Sunday operations


Flights above the Pacific Northwest

Cascade Warbirds

Work Party and Planning schedule for 2017



Layout changes

Sat, February 4

BOD/Planning Meeting

Sat, February 18

Work Party

Tent weight molds

Minor repairs and touch-up paint simulators

Sat, March 4

BOD/Planning Meeting

Sat, March 18

Work Party

Sort fence post

Survey and tag camping end markers

Weed control

Air park

Mill site road

Gravel road

Move electrical panels

Sat, April 1

BOD/Planning meeting

Sat, April 15

Work Party

Test electrical panels

Plumb Mill site isolation valves

Set main gate finance building footing forms

Inventory 10×10 canopies

Cut timbers

Surface plane timbers

Sat, April 29

Work Party

Pour main gate building footings:

Repair warbird tower

Paint trim on annex

Form and pour camping end marker monuments

Sat, May 6

BOD/Planning meeting

Sat, May 13

Work Party

Clean electrical vaults

Dig out and clean barn footings

Complete wall adjacent to shed door


Stage outbuildings

Sat, May 20

Work Party

Aircraft parking sign inventory

Mount shower heaters

Test shower heaters

Weed control

Mill site road

Gravel road

Camping monuments

Hotel monuments

Candy cane lines

Inventory outbuilding maintenance requirements

Check main gate stanchions—repair paint as required

Clean and trailer young eagles plane

MID WEEK, starting May 22

Radial stakeout

Circle 6

Circle 7

Circle 8

Sat, May 27

Paine Field Aviation Day

Sat, June 3

BOD/Planning Meeting

MID WEEK, starting Jun 5

Radial Stakeout

Circle 2

Circle 4

Circle 5

Sat, June 10

Work Party

Clean trams

Re-deck Pat’s trailer

Power wash shower roofs

Move scooters to prep area

art new bench conruction

Test/repair sinks

MID WEEK, starting June 12

Radial stakeout

Circle 2

Sat, June 17

Work Party

Clean/paint showers

Load Toyota for removal

Dig holes for Camp Adams banner

Clean holes for welcome sign

Clean bulletin board holes

MID WEEK, starting June 19

Paint white camping

Hatch white camping

Sat, June 24

Work Party

Deploy outbuildings

Deploy showers

Paint yellow camping

Paint Orange camping

stage garbage cans

Empty barn

MID WEEK, starting June 26

Hatch yellow camping

Hatch Orange camping

Paint display rows

Paint Lite flight

Paint A/C parking

Paint military vehicle

July 1

Official Set-up begins