Fly Mart

What do you have in your hangar? Garage? Driveway?  Maybe it’s time to find it all a new home.  Bring your aircraft parts, tools, projects, memorabilia, photos etc. to the Fly-Mart during the Arlington Fly-In and we will help you find that buyer.


Early check in begins at noon the Wednesday before the event.  See below to request tags in advance for those bringing many items.

A Fly-In admission wristband is required to participate.

  1. Fill out identification tag (provided by Fly-Market staff) for each item you have for sale using a ballpoint pen and pressing hard to insure that the second part of the form is readable. Print your name and information legibly so that it may be easily read. If you will consider offers on larger items, please so indicate and leave your cell phone number at the cash register.
    •  Attach the yellow part of the tag to the item for sale with the supplied string
    •  Keep the claim check part to claim unsold items and to collect your payments for sold items.
  2. All payments for items sold will be issued after the airshow on Saturday July 13 until 7 PM.  Claim checks must be presented to receive payment.   Any other arrangements must be approved by the Fly-Mart Manager.
  3. All unsold items must be picked up no later than 7:00 PM Saturday. Items not picked up by 7:00 PM Saturday will be considered abandoned and become property of the Arlington Fly-In for disposal.
  4. All items consigned to the Fly Mart for sale but not sold MUST BE RECLAIMED AND REMOVED  FROM THE FLY MART BY THE ORIGINAL CONSIGNOR. If the consignor must depart before the final day of the Fly In all unsold items must be identified, claimed and removed along with payment for sold items by the original consignor before departure.  No payments will be made to a second party.
  5. Commission: 15% of item sale price OR $150 on any single item of $1,000 or more. The sales are not cumulative. Commission is based on pricing and sales of a single item.
  6. Fly-Mart cannot and will not be responsible for lost stolen or broken items. Every effort will be made to secure against loss of items.
  7. Early check in of items will begin Wednesday afternoon from 12:00 to 5:00. If you intend to bring a large numbers of items to consign tags are available in advance and make the process much easier.  To request tags contact Ross at 360-675-5462 or

Fly-Mart Consignment Form