homebuilt aircraftWorkshops and Aircraft Home-building

Do you dream of building and flying your own airplane? Do you have a set of plans or a kit at home and just need some questions answered? At the Arlington Fly-In you will find information and demonstrations that will help you reach your goal.

Thursday July 9 – Saturday July 11

Workshops open by 9 AM each day and run continuously until 2 PM, maybe open later then 2 PM.  Workshops are interactive experiences, where instructors will work directly with you to try your skills.  Instruction is repeated each day.

Workshop Tent 1 Aircraft Building Demonstrations – members of EAA Chapter 84 will be working the final pre-covering assembly of a Starduster Too, several other projects and demonstrations will take place.  Experts in all types of building materials will be on hand to educate and demonstrate.
Workshop Tent 2 Radio Controlled Aircraft Display, building and simulators.  From jet powered to electric.  Flying simulations to test your hand.  If you have ever thought of building or Flying RC you will find some expert advice in this workshop.
Workshop Tent 3 Poly Fiber Fabric Covering Workshop Basics of fabric covering and covering control surfaces. Sponsored by Poly Fiber
Workshop Tent 4 Hands on demonstrations and information on aircraft coatings and finishes, for every aircraft surface to be coated–metal, composite, fabric, plastic.  – Sponsored by Stewart SystemsHours 10:00 – 12:00  & 1:30 3:30
Forum Tent D Composite Concepts – Friday 10:15 AM Home building techniques, higher performance and lower cost.  Many hands on demonstrations.  – Pegasus Aeromarine.

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