Northwest Division Pacific Armor Corps at the Arlington Fly-In

Northwest Division Pacific Armor Corps (NORDPAC) will be in attendance for the 3rd consecutive year in a row, at the 2013 Arlington Fly-In July 11-13, as part of Camp Adams military encampment display.

NORDPAC will be conducting a series of scale RC tank Battles, demonstrations and team competitions using a large variety of RC Tanks in many different scales. NORDPAC will also be offering a number of public participation demonstrations on a limited basis. Plus, there will be NORDPAC members on-hand and available to answer questions from the public about this unique and rapidly growing hobby.

NORDPAC is a non-profit group of RC tank enthusiasts based in the Pacific Northwest, with members residing in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia Canada. The goal of NORDPAC is the enjoyment of modeling, battling and the promotion of the hobby. NORDPAC is committed to the battling excellence of RC model tanks, armored vehicles and artillery in all scales, and just having fun.

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